Winter Lawn Care Tips ~ Snow Management ~ Cold Weather Prep

winter lawn care tips

Most people think about the lawn for only a portion of the year but in reality there are a lot of things that people do to the lawn and for the lawn during the winter months…and certainly the lead in to winter and exit from it.

In fact there are a lot of winter lawn care mistakes people make all the time without even realizing it, so much in fact that I made a full video on the topic that I’ve included below.

Before you watch the video however I want you to know that winter prep is a foundational part of early season lawn care and your snow management practices affect your lawn in ways that most people never think about.

Lower on this page you’ll find my guides to all of the topics relevant to the cold season outside and around the house. I’ve grouped the guides together by topic for your convenience.

But first, watch this video; it’ll give you a good idea of some of the important things you may be overlooking between Thanksgiving and St. Patrick’s Day.

The Winter Lawn

How To prevent Snow Mold On The Lawn
Can You Keep Grass Green Through The Winter
Cold Hardy Warm Season Grass Types
Can You Use A Trampoline In The Winter

Winterization & Cold Season Prep

Should Grass Be Cut Short Or Long For The Winter?
How To Drain A Sprinkler System
Do Sprinklers Really Need To Be Winterized
How To Winterize A Trampoline
When Should You Apply Lawn Winterizer Fertilizer
Bets Trampoline Covers For The Winter

Snow & Ice Management

Are Snow Blowers and Snow Throwers The Same Thing?
Ice Melt vs Rock Salt: Which Is Best
Can You Use Ice Melt On Wood, Composite Decking, or Roofs?
Gas Snowblowers vs Electric or Battery
The Best Snow Rakes For The Roof
Is Ice Mdelt Bad For Concrete Sidewalks & Driveways

Cold Weather Composting & Gardening

Can You Make A Compost Pile In The Winter
The Best Hoses For Winter Use