The Turf Mechanic Email List Has Something Important Going Out Soon!

message to subscribers

Guys, this is Brian Mounts, with the Fall lawn care season very quickly coming to an end I’d like to be able to stay in touch with you all occasionally via email.

I fully expect to continue making videos through the winter season but of course the volume will naturally slow down.

I do however want you all to be able to plan ahead for the Spring and in my opinion a lot of that starts with a few important things that need to be addressed between Thanksgiving and Valentines Day.

In the first few days of December I’ll be emailing out my “Winter Lawn Care Summary” for lawns across the country. It’s basically a simple way to plan ahead for the coming season. Knowing what to do just before winter starts will make it easier to get everything ready for Spring before it arrives.

I’m only going to be sending this out to email subscribers so I hope you’ll opt-in.

I don’t want to send emails to people that don’t want to get them though so don’t signup if you don’t want to get any emails from me. 🙂

On my YouTube channel I always strive to win your trust and here in email form I will treat it no differently. -Brian