About Turf Mechanic

Turf Mechanic is a small mom and pop lawn care company that really believes that everyone that has a yard has the potential to have the best yard on the block.

We also believe that almost all lawn care issues are affected either positively or negatively by lawn watering tactics (or lack thereof).

lawn care at it's best

Lawn Care At It’s Best!

Located in the great state of Oregon we get our fair share of rain but contrary to popular belief only some areas of Oregon get rain all year around.

We are located east of the Cascades where the altitude is higher and the rainy season is predominantly situated over the winter months.

Snow-pack feeds the greater area throughout the year so watering one’s lawn is important for healthy turf since we can’t relay on getting rain throughout the growing season.

Water conservation and basic maintenance of our properties and tools becomes very important to us and our customers.

In any event this website is our online extension of our lawn care business.

We obviously can’t go setting up sprinkler systems in everyone’s yards all around the country but we can teach what we know and help our customers out digitally, in every way we know how to.

On this site, at least in its infancy, we will mostly be providing actionable and informative information that will apply to almost everyone.

If you have a yard then you should learn a thing or three from every single article on this site. Almost every article should be relevant to you!

That’s the goal at least.

We believe that if we can help our readers and customers with free advice and genuine information then you’ll come back to us later for services and products… and you will share our site with your friends that need our help as well!

Please see the following page to learn more about our main website author, editor, and lawncare expert Brian.