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About Brian Mounts

Hey guys, my name’s Brian Mounts, the author and owner of this website and the Turf Mechanic YouTube channel.

I do all of this from home – all while tending to my yard and my four kids… while also cooking dinner for my wife and family each and every night – well, at least most nights. 🙂

Before you read on here’s a quick message I made just for you!

I’ve been a home owner ever since the Great Recession of 2008 but I had never really owned a yard that I truly cared for since around early 2017.

At that time my family and I moved into our current home which lacked a backyard space. We are located on the side of a hill that sloped away from the house nearly immediately from the back door.

I began researching and learning as much as I could about lawns and how to tend to one and although I started trying to create a hill-side yard we ultimately decided to hire a contractor to make our surrounding hill flat so that we could have a “regular” yard.

In April of 2018 a local landscaping company came out and built us a two-tiered retaining wall built from 60-tons of large boulders. The landscaper then had to bring in multiple dump truck loads of fill-dirt just to make us a proper (flat) back yard from scratch.

They finished the project off with the installation of in-ground sprinklers and a cool-season sod, a generic mix of predominately KBG and Perennial Rye.

By the summer of 2018, as I wrote the huge check to the landscaper for his services, I realized that I had just spent an enormous sum of money just to have a backyard that could actually be enjoyed.

I decided that we, as a family, had better put that yard to good use, and that I had better take good care of it so as to not feel like we had just wasted our money installing the thing.

That’s around the time that I started this website – it originally started as my way of taking notes to myself on various things I needed to do in the lawn, how to do them, and when. Naturally, as I learned more and more and added more and more content to the site, it grew into what you see today.

Over the years I have learned a ton about DIY lawncare. I’ve learned to love it and I’ve learned to always respect the biological process of caring for the soil first and caring for the grass naturally as much as possible.

My wife and I keep a fairly substantial home garden that actually feeds us quite a bit of food for about six months out of the year. We know that plant systems only grow as good as the soil allows so I like to look at my lawn as an extension of the garden. The flower beds include ornamentals and pollinators while the lawn is my functional crop. It provides beauty to the property but also allows us to spend time out doors in a safe and comfortable environment.

Professionally speaking I have built and owned websites for over a decade in other industries (and I still do) so it seemed fitting to expand into a full-fledged DIY lawn care website – an educational outlet for both myself and for others. It began as an outlet for others to learn about tending to the yard and the garden while I was doing on the fly.

Fast forward to today. I now manage as well as the Turf Mechanic YouTube channel full time. It is my primary business. Although I do own other internet based businesses and I do “moonlight” as a semi-professional bowler, my passion lies in outside in the lawn. I’d be out there all day every day if I could.

Contact Me
Please, as you read through this website I hope you’ll take the time to enjoy the content, learn a bit of something from it, and get to know me just a bit. And, if you need to get a hold of me for any reason head over to my YouTube channel to shoot me a message or sign up to get emails from me here and you can send me a direct email any time you want.

Premium Instruction
If you find my content helpful, then I would encourage you to purchase one of my premium lawn care courses that I sell on Turf Mechanic Premium. I’ve got tons of free content available for you to read here but if you want a one-stop place for long detailed guides to certain big-picture tasks in the lawn then I think you’ll find the information more than worthwhile for the low cost I charge.

You can take a look at my current course offering here.

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Alternately you can see a list of some of the most important products I recommend for DIY lawn care on this page.

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