Can You Use a Trampoline in the Winter?

Can You Use a Trampoline in the Winter

During winter, the temptation to abandon outdoor activities and just cozy up close to the fireplace with a book in hand is usually very high. Initially, staying indoors reading or playing video games might seem like a lot of fun, but it can really turn out boring when you have to go through the entire season that way.

The truth is, beyond boredom, staying indoors for extended periods can have negative consequences on our health. For one, recreational activities, while they are fun, help us remain active and fit.  Also, spending time outside can limit our exposure to viruses and bacteria that tend to buildup indoors during winter.

Making the most of the cold season is definitely an idea you should buy. And that’s where your backyard trampolines come into play.

Can You Play On Your Trampoline During the Cold Season

The simple answer is yes!  The key to using your trampoline during winter is to observe safety measures. Using trampolines require some measure of carefulness, and it’s even more important during winter.

Can You Leave Your Trampolines Outside During Winter

Well, that’s a dicey situation. It really depends on how intense winter is around your area. If you live in a place with a moderate winter climate, you might find it unnecessary to disassemble your trampolines for safekeeping.

On the other hand, if winter around your area comes with heavy snowstorms or high winds, it might be preferable to bring it in.

High winds can knock down your trampoline and pose a serious safety hazard. Also, the weight of snow can disfigure your trampoline and leave it looking worse for wear.

Generally, most trampolines come with galvanized surfaces, and so they are designed to be able to go through the temperature outside without fear of rust. However, if this isn’t the case, moisture caused by rain or snow can be a real challenge.

Caring for Your Trampoline during winter

We know setting up a trampoline can take a reasonable amount of time and energy. And so, if you don’t have it bad during winter, and you are planning on leaving your trampoline out, you should prepare for it. Preparing ahead of time is one way to keep your trampoline in use even after winter dies down.

#1. Take away The Frame Pads and Store Them When You’re Done Using It

You’ll want to remove the frame pads to prevent them from getting soaked from snow nor rain. Moisture could easily damage your frame pads, and that’s why it’s advisable to store them in.

This shouldn’t pose a serious problem as they do not occupy much space, and they are easy to fold. If you prefer to leave your frame pads on, make sure you use a cover to keep them dry.

#2. Remove Snow from the Jumping Pad Once You Can Do So

Although the jumping pad sieves out water through the bottom, snow can be a bit of a challenge. The weight of snow can ruin your trampoline and cause it to dip. A broom or a hand brush can easily do the job.

Stay away from using snow blowers or shovels as a shovel can easily tear at the surface of the jumping pad, while the heat from the blower can damage your pad.

#3. You Should Probably Try Out a Cover

Some persons argue that using a cover is unnecessary, as instead of sheltering the trampoline from rain, it instead locks in moisture, which can eventually lead to your trampoline sagging out or cause the growth of mildew.

Although that is true, it shouldn’t deter you from getting one still. As a cover can protect both your frame pads and your jumping pads. However, be sure to remove the weather cover regularly so that your trampoline can breathe and dry out.

If peradventure, snow covers your weather cover, just take a broom and sweep it off.  It’s nothing to be concerned about.

#4. Opt For Trampoline Anchors

High winds and trampolines aren’t friends. The combination of the two can lead to a disaster. If you don’t want your trampoline pieces flying about and hitting or damaging you or your neighbors’ property, then consider using trampoline anchors.

What they do is that they keep your trampoline in place to prevent it from being blown around. This is an absolute necessity if you live in an area where the wind really kicks up.

Anyways, you should make sure to fix your anchor into the ground long before winter comes. This is especially important because the ground is usually harder during winter and so it might be hard getting it in deep enough.

#5. Inspect the Frame, the springs and The Jumping Pad Every Once In A While

Although cold doesn’t normally do much harm to trampolines. It’s still important all the same inspect your trampoline parts. This safety measure will inform you if the cold weather is unexpectedly damaging your trampoline. I mean, we cannot always trust these things.

If you can detect damages early enough, you can stall further deterioration. And by the way, it’s always easier to repair as well when the damage isn’t too serious.

To prevent hazards while using your trampoline, make sure you do a cursory check on the trampoline, identify areas that have given way to wear and tear and make sure you address such discoveries on time.

Advantages of Using Your Trampoline During winter

Winter can leave your trampoline wet, and although using a wet trampoline can be dangerous, it shouldn’t spoil the fun that can come from using it during winter. Outdoor recreational activities should not be totally discouraged during winter.

Here are some reasons why you should use your trampoline this winter. By the way, just make sure you never use your trampoline when it’s still wet

#1. Source of Fun and Rejuvenation

Staying indoors could really be depressing. Stepping outside can improve your mood and cause you to have a lighter and more favorable disposition. Exposure to vitamin D and more sunlight can also leave you in a better mood. Also, it’s an alternative way of catching some outdoor fun.

Winter doesn’t have to be spoilsport as far as you take all necessary precautions before using your trampoline.

#2. It serves As a Source of Exercise

You would definitely add some pounds just staying indoors doing nothing. Notwithstanding the temperature, it’s important for you to engage in some form of moderate exercise. If you have kids, a trampoline could be a fun solution to that.

And I’m sure you don’t want your kids letting out their pent up creative energy on your couch or wall. Taking them outdoor for some minutes could be a very good idea.

#3. Bonding Moments

Nothing beats those fun moments spent with family and friends. It could definitely be a game-changer in your relationship with your children or spouse. I mean, we all need the break at times.


So back to our question.” Can you use your trampoline during winter?” My answer is, “why not.” The fun doesn’t have to stop because it’s winter. Unless you always have strong windstorms or heavy snow, you can leave your trampoline outside without fear.