Grass Growing Guide & FAQs

Everything about grass… everything.

Spring Lawn Chores

► When to Start Watering the Lawn in the Spring?
► Should You Overseed Your Lawn in the Spring?
► Should You Fertilize Your Lawn in the Spring?
► Should You Use Weed Pre-Emergents in the Spring?
► Can You Use Pre-Emergents & Overseed at the Same Time?
► How Much Water Should You Irrigate With?
► How to Stimulate Root Growth in Grass
► Do Pre-Emergents Stop Dandelions?
► Why Are Grub Worm Preventatives Important
► Should You Dethatch Your Lawn Every Spring?
► Core Aerating vs Spike Aerating
► When Should You Aerate Your Lawn in the Spring

Growing Grass From Seed

How Much Grass Seed Do You Need Per Square Foot?
Will Grass Seed Germinate on Top of the Soil
When is the Best Time to Plant Grass Seed?
The Best Time to Plant Pasture Grass Seed
When is it Too Late to Sow Grass Seed
How to Keep Birds From Eating Grass Seeds
Can You Overwater Grass Seed?
When to Stop Watering New Grass Seed?
When to Mow New Grass From Seed
How Long Does it Take for Grass Seed to Fully Grow

Grass Seed Types

The Best Grass Seed Varieties for Shade
Dog Resistant Grass Seed
Are There Pet Friendly Grass Seeds?

Sod Care & Growing Guides

When to Fertilize New Sod

Cutting Grass

How to Cut Grass on a Steep Hill: 6 Strategies
How to Cut Grass Under a Trampoline: The Best Ways

The Health of Your Lawn

What Does Nitrogen do for Grass
What Does Potassium do for Grass
► What Does Phosphorus do for Grass?
► What Does Lime do for Grass?
Do Trampolines Kill Grass? Why it Happens & How to Stop It
Why is There Moss in my Lawn?
Why Does Grass Make You Itchy?

Irrigation & Watering Practices

When to Stop Watering the Lawn in the Fall
Can I Water My Lawn at Night
The Best Ways to Water a Lawn Without a Sprinkler System
How Long to Water Grass Seed With Sprinkler Heads

Other How-To Guides to Lawns

How to Grow Grass on a Steep Hill
How to Pull up Grass