How To Grow Grass From Seed: Tips For New Lawns, Bare Spot Repair, & Overseeding

Establishing a new lawn from scratch is actually quite a bit easier than most people realize. The same goes for fixing bare spots in an existing lawn or overseeding a thin lawn. Many grass types grow by seed very easily and quickly if the right steps are taken during the optimal time of the year.

For warm season grass types seeding projects should be started in mid-to late Spring just as soil temperatures are getting above 70 degrees. Cool season grass types are best sowed near the end of summer just before cooler air temperatures set in.

The reason this is different is because of the natural growth habits of the different grass types.

Warm season grasses like Bermuda, Zoysia, & Bahia just to name a few grow their best when the temperatures are high. Their seeds won’t even germinate when soil temps get much below 70.

Cool season grasses like Perennial Rye, Tall Fescue, or Kentucky Bluegrass grow most vigorously in conditions that are less extreme. Outside air temps between 60-70 degrees are optimal such as the Spring and Fall…but for seed germination soil temps that are between 55-70 degrees are best which is easier found in late summer and early Autumn.

When you try to grow cool season grasses from seed in the Spring soil temps are usually too low to get even and quick germination and by the time soil temps get high enough the heat of summer is usually too close at hand.

If you don’t yet know what grass type you have in your lawn already…or haven’t decided which variety to use in your new or existing lawn…or don’t even know the difference between warm season and cool season grasses then please see the following article first before reading the rest of this guide: The Difference Between Warm & Cool Season Grass Types.

You can also see the following articles that answer some basic questions about seeding grass that are applicable to all grass types.

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I’m going to break this guide up into a few parts. Each person’s seeding project will be a bit different so the steps and tips will change a bit depending on your type of project. Make sure to use the following links to jump to the section of this guide that is most applicable to you and your seeding project.

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