Can I Water My Lawn at Night?

By Brian Mounts | Feb 15, 2020
Can I Water My Lawn at Night

Having a lawn is great and all, but caring for it doesn’t end once it’s ready. In fact, you need to be even more careful if you want to maintain it properly. One of the most things to do is to actually water it properly. For this, you need to know when you should water it and when you should not. A lot of people seem to wonder, “Can I Water My Lawn at Night?” and that’s precisely why Turf Mechanic is here for you!

Can I Water My Lawn at Night?

If that’s the question you’ve been asking yourself after growing your grass, you’ve come to the right place. In today’s article, we are going to discuss if you can water the garden at night or not, and the probable reasons for each. So, it is really recommended that you read this article till the end and don’t miss any part of it. So, let’s get started already!

Can I Water My Lawn at Night?

Now, it is not too hard to calculate how long you need to water your lawn or how much water you should use. In fact, you might even have already decided on the best way of watering your lawn. However, you still have to decide when you want to water your lawn.

Several people have several opinions when it comes to this, while some people prefer to do so twice a day, some people just do it once a day. Click here to read our article in figuring out how much and how long you might want to water your lawn.

So, the experts recommend doing it in the morning or in the evening. But what about night? Well, technically there is no time when you cannot water your plants- after all, rainfall might take place anytime of the day! However, there are some positive aspects as well as some negative ones to watering at night, these are:

Positive Aspects:

Watering your plant at night has some positive aspects. These are the reasons that would urge you to actually do so, and the principal ones among these are as follows:

  • Firstly, night is actually a peaceful time, mostly when your plants are resting too. So, even if it does not start absorbing water at night, it can do so from the beginning of the day.
  • Next, the night is also a great time for watering if you consider evaporation and transpiration. This is so because there is no sunlight that would evaporate your water from the soil. So, if you want to make the best use of water, this sounds like a great way.
  • Again, using water during the peak hours might harm your plant in a really hot environment. The soil would be heated, and the water might get heated, damaging your roots. This is not something you’d want, so that’s essential to consider as well.
  • Another important aspects is that watering the plant at night is also easier for you if you’re doing it manually. If you’re planning to do it manually, doing it at night saves you from the scorching heat too.
  • Finally, some new research has been trying to prove that watering your lawn at night is actually the best option. Quoting Proud Green Home,

“Water your lawn at night,” agricultural researcher Winston Kao said in a recent interview on the Sharon Kleyne Hour Power of Water radio show. The recommendation, Kao realizes, goes against nearly all available information about lawn and grass care. Kao has discovered that night lawn watering enables grass to utilize water far more efficiently. Kao’s own lawn utilizes water so efficiently that he doesn’t water at all

Negative Aspects:

Again, nothing can only have positive aspects- there are always a few negative ones too. This one is no exception to this rule, and there are some things that might make you reconsider your choice. The main ones among these might be listed as follows:

  • Firstly, the main concern experts have about this method is that it promotes diseases. Several fungi can thrive at night, and if there’s no dew at night, you’re just extending the period of wetness for the plants. So, this increases the overall chance for the plant to catch a disease which could be harmful for it.
  • Again, another thing that you might want to consider is that the sprinkler might break at night. After all,even automatic sprinklers do break after a certain point. And if you always water at night, you won’t be able to notice it until your grass has died- and that’s surely not something you want.
  • Also, the sprinkler might not break but might just turn to a different direction, which would have pretty much the same effect. For you, it would be impossible to keep an eye out at night while you’re asleep.

Then, Can I Water My Lawn at Night?

Well, you actually can water your own lawn, but it is far more recommended if your place receives dew at night. In that case, watering it at night would be the best option because you might be able to avoid prolonging the wet-hours. This would actually make watering the plant at night a more healthier option for the plant.

Also, you might want to it because of all the other things we mentioned earlier. For example, one of the greatest benefits is that it actually lets the soil absorb the water. This is so because the water is generally evaporated much more quickly during the daytime.

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What is the best time of the day to water your lawn?

Watering your lawn is a great thing to do if you want to keep it healthy. However, you have to understand the right time to water your lawn. Conventionally, people have been watering their lawn during the mornings and evenings. This is so, because the rates of evaporation are much lower, and the wet-period is generally not increased. Thus, the plant can both receive more water, and remain safer.

However, new research has pointed us, as we showed in this article, to the fact that watering at night might be a good idea too. So, you might want to consider the dew factor, and the overall nature of your soil, and then determine whether watering at night would actually be a good choice for you. Honestly, it depends on the specific case, and so you need to consider all the aspects yourself before you jump into it. And only you can do that, so be sure to do your research before watering at night!

How long does it take to water your lawn?

Now, this really is a really good question- and it’s asked pretty often. Well, it doesn’t take too long to water your lawn, but the exact time depends on certain factors. For example, you might want to consider the overall rainfall, the nature of the soil, and even the exact seeds you’ve used.

Here at Turf Mechanic, we knew that this is actually one of the questions you might seek the answer to. So, we’ve already prepared an article for you, click here to read our article on how long it takes to water your lawn. This is one of the more comprehensive guides that we have taken a lot of time to work on. We have specially prepared it keeping this question in mind, and we hope it would be informative enough to help you out!

In this article, we have discussed the factors you need to consider, as well as how long you might ordinarily want to water your lawn. We have also discussed several other things that you might find to be of interest, so it is really recommended that you check it out.

Turf Mechanic is here for you!

At the end of the day, we can conclude that the lawn is yours, and you are free to do what you want with it. Of course, you still need to do your research before you act if you want to keep it healthy. However, watering at different times wouldn’t be much of a problem in most places.

Watering at night is often more recommended actually, with only a few precautions, as we mentioned earlier. So, if you think you’re up for it, you might just want to give it a shot!

We thank you for reading the article till the very end, and hope that you actually liked it. Hopefully, you could learn something that would be of use to you in your lawn. We understand, however, that you might still have a few questions to us, and we would be glad to take them. Please do not hesitate to reach out to us if you have anything you might like to get to us with, we are always here for you! We here at Turf Mechanic are always eager to help you out with the best information that we can.

We thank you once again for reading the article till the very end, and we hope to see you on our next article very soon! Until then, Turf Mechanic takes your leave!