Trampoline Buying Guide

What is the point have maintaining an awesome yard if you don’t get out into it regularly to enjoy it?

The kids can run through sprinklers in the hot summer months but you can really step it up a notch by adding play structures that your kids and their friends will love.

Sandboxes, playgrounds, and swing-sets are all awesome but if you have a trampoline then the kids will flip out… pun intended!

Here on BLS I have a large portion of this site dedicated to trampolines.

You can easily run through the site page by page snagging tips on caring for your trampoline, maintaining the landscape around a trampoline, as well as shopping tips for your next trampoline.

On this page I plan on condensing all the info on buying and caring for your trampoline into one readable guide. You can then deep dive into any related topic covered elsewhere on the site.

Before we get to the meat of this buyer’s guide let’s start by indexing detailed posts on this subject that already exist on this site.

Which Trampoline Should You Buy For Your Yard

How to Maintain Your Trampoline

Lawn Care For The Yard Near Your Trampoline

As new articles go live I’ll link to them on this central guide.

Now let’s dive in.

Here’s what you need to know when shopping for a family trampoline.