How Much do Trampolines Typically Cost?

how much do trampolines typically cost

You know, one of the first things I take a look at whenever I’m planning to buy anything is how much it costs. If you’re a smart buyer, you undoubtedly do the same too! Now, this must naturally happen when we go out to buy a trampoline as well right? We’re going to check out how much trampolines typically cost even before we decide to go for a trampoline!

So, if you’re in a phase where you still don’t know if you should go for a trampoline or not, this is the right article for you. This is also a good article for if you want to figure out if the price you’re planning to pay is justified. Well, we expect this article to be pretty informative, and we recommend reading it till the very end. So, let’s get started now and find out how much trampolines typically cost!

Things that determine the cost of a trampoline

Now, in order to realize how much trampolines typically cost, you need to understand the factors behind the pricing. Naturally, there are quite a few things that are at play here, and some factors are entirely variable from one company or region to another, and we really cannot count those.

However, we are going to take a look at the most common and most important points. We are going to find out what are the main things that you might want to take a look at to get a fair estimate. After all, getting a fair estimate about how much a model should cost is enough to judge if it’s worth your money or not.

Factor 1: Material Used

The First thing that you might want to consider is the material used. This affects a lot of things all the way from your overall jumping experience up to the durability of the model. So, this is one of the main things that you might want to pay attention to.

Naturally, this becomes a major factor when determining the overall costs for a model. For those of you who aren’t really familiar with the names of materials, a good way to figure this out is to take a look at the overall warranty of the models. The models with higher warranties generally tend to be more expensive in comparison.

Factor 2: Size

Now, this one is something that you must have guessed by yourself. The size of the model actually decides the construction of the model as well as the amount of material that’s actually going to be needed to make the model!

So, the Size is naturally one of the most important things that comes into consideration when it comes to finding our the price for a model. And that explains why you must always treat size as a factor and keep it in mind when you’re going out there to buy the best trampoline for yourself (or are trying to calculate the price for a trampoline!)

Factor 3: Features that it boasts of

The Features that a trampoline boasts of can have a major impact on its price.

For example, some trampolines come with handlebars (click here to find out the best models that come with one) while some other models actually boast of being foldable (click here to find out the top foldable models in the market today).

Naturally, these things cost a bit too and these costs add up when it comes to these trampolines.

So, you can safely assume that the trampoline that offers you with more features is generally going to be a little more expensive in comparison. Naturally, the price might be adjusted by compromising on quality at times, and that’s something you need to be wary of- if you see two trampolines, with a different amount of features, selling for the same price, do your research before you go for the one with more features!

Factor 4: Extra Accessories

While not exactly a part of the trampoline when buying one, these also add up to the expenditure. Extra accessories refer to the additional stuff that you might want to get along with your trampoline to make the experience more fun for yourself and your kids.

Some people go with basketball hoops and other things to actually have more fun with their trampolines, and these things cost a little too. Naturally, these little costs add up to actually have an impact on the overall amount that you’re spending, and are worth keeping in mind and taking into consideration as a factor.

Factor 5: Availability

Another major factor that you simply must take into consideration is availability. Like all other things, trampolines are also subject to demand and supply, and the pricing largely depends on how much available a model is.

For example, Rectangular Trampolines are actually used by professionals. and not too many good quality models are available in the market. This steadily pushes up the price to a pretty high level, much higher than the average trampoline costs!

Quoting Trampolinesdotcom:

Since rectangle trampolines are essentially built for gymnasts, they are usually built in low quantities.  This means the price of these will be higher.  Also, many are not designed for outdoor use, as they were built for gymnasiums.  Many of the outdoor rectangle trampolines are imported from China, leaving only the well-built outdoor rectangle trampolines to be as high as $2,000 to purchase.

How much do trampolines typically cost – My Market Comparison Strategy

“Typically” refers to a very wide range, to be honest. Trampoline costs, as we just discussed, are a combination of all these factors and even more! So, there are a lot of things that can vary from model to model, giving you a really wide range for any models out there.

Quoting TrampolineBoss:

A 14 or 15-foot traditional, circular trampoline cost an average of $300 to $400. You should keep in mind that in most cases, this does not include any other protective equipment. If you are planning to get a square or rectangular one, you should be prepared to spend a little more. Some cost $600 to $800 but if you get one from a specialty manufacturer, which includes an enclosure, the typical cost is roughly $800 to $1200. Higher-end models usually exceed $1500.

However, looking at huge ranges like this isn’t too helpful, is it? Well, the best idea in a case like this is what I like to call the “Market Comparison Strategy” where what you essentially do is not take the price range based on only the factors but also based on the prices of similar models selling in the market.

For instance, say you’re looking forward to buying a round sprinkler with a handlebar- what you should ideally do is take a look at the main models that offer you with this choice, and how much each of these cost. Then, you can find a range for models that provide you with this feature, which you can easily find by comparing the prices of the models in the market that provide you with the same features.

Remember cost is somewhat variable and should only be part of your decision making process when shopping for a trampoline. That’s why I have this full guide to buying one here for you to read.


We understand how important it is for you to find the right trampoline. Again, we also understand that you’re trying your best to be smart with your purchase. Please keep in mind that most of the choices out there are really great choices, and with a little research, you can easily make a smart purchase!

So, please try to find out what you’re looking for before you leap. Once you know what you’re looking for, you can judge every model accordingly, and find out the one that would ideally serve you the best.

Keep in mind that the best model for you isn’t the top selling one out there, but the one that serves all your needs at the price that appears to be the most reasonable to you. So, be sure to know what you’re looking for, and you simply cannot go wrong!

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