Trampoline Sprinkler System – Water Pressure Setup

trampoline sprinkler system

Well, since you are here reading this article, you must be familiar about the basic concepts of a trampoline and using water with it. Here is my recent article titled Do Sprinklers Ruin Trampolines in case you didn’t think about asking that question.

But still, for the sake of being completely informed, let us take a moment to take a look at the basics again. So, you can use a water sprinkler from above a trampoline as well as from under a trampoline.

Both are completely safe and some people like one while some people like the other. So, it’s completely a question of your personal preference. With the right safety measures, you will be safe yourself and so would be your trampoline.

However, let us now check out what the ideal water pressure should be for such a sprinkler system.

You must be wondering at this point that what the ideal pressure of water would be for an ideal sprinkler system, it might be kept in mind that while several sprinklers offer several technical ranges of water pressure, you must keep your mind on your needs and requirements first.

You must keep the following things in your mind when deciding what the ideal pressure for your trampoline might be:

  • The quality of your trampoline mat. This is the thing you basically jump on, it is made from really great quality material and it is water resistant, but what you must still keep in mind is that how hard it applies the water on it and how that affects it and affects you.
  • At the same time, the good quality also means that if you are using an under-trampoline sprinkler system you’d probably not get enough water above it if the pressure isn’t high enough because none of the water molecules would be able to penetrate the trampoline mat and come towards the upper side of it.
  • However, if you want to go by the technical measures in order to verify your water pressure, that is also easy because you can buy specific water-pressure measuring instruments for pretty cheap prices online.
This article is just a part of my trampoline buyers guide. To see more about buying a trampoline check the full guide out here.

How to check the water pressure of the sprinkler system?

Well, frankly putting it, there are several options for you to check out the water pressure that the sprinkler system is giving out. The two of the most common would be as follows:

  1. You can either calculate it mentally, calculating the amount of water that is coming (water flow) and the size of the hole through which the water comes out from the sprinkler system. This is the most common method that people use and usually this causes no problem because the trampolines are made keeping this in mind and so are the trampoline-sprinkler systems.
  2. On the other hand, you can also buy one of the devices that show you the water pressure and if you are one of the technical guys this might be the process you want to go with because it also provides you with mathematical certainty and that might provide you with the mental peace that direct mental calculation could not.

What does it mean to increase the water pressure of a sprinkler system?

This is one of the problems that are almost not present on above-the-trampoline sprinkler systems but are often faced in case of under-the-trampoline water sprinkler systems.

Well, the trampoline mat is often very thick because of its good quality and that might not let your water pass penetrate or pass through it if the force is not considerably high. In cases such as that, you need a sprinkler system or an overall setup that would let you increase the water pressure so that the water can reach the upper surface of your trampoline.

And what exactly is the water flow rate and how is it related to the sprinkler system?

Well, the water flow rate is the rate at which the sprinkler system receives the water, if you are familiar with the electronic theory this would not be a problem to you. However, it is really easy to picture for anyone. Just imagine the total amount of water coming out from the pipe opening. That is the water flow rate.

Water Pressure vs Water Flow

As I said earlier, the water flow rate is the rate at which the total amount of water is coming to the sprinkler.

What happens after this is that it flows into the sprinkler which has a comparatively smaller outlet than the inlet. That builds in pressure inside it and thus the water is thrown outside with the force. This force, with which the water comes outside the sprinkler, is known as the water pressure of the sprinkler.

Is it safe to build up pressure inside the sprinkler?

It must be noted here that all of it is well designed and there is no risk involved in building up that little bit of pressure inside the sprinkler. It is completely safe and does not pose any danger for anyone around it.

However, once again, when the trampoline is wet, it becomes slippery and so proper safety measures have to be taken in order to ensure the safety of the people playing on it.

So… should one go for the above-the-trampoline sprinkler or under-trampoline sprinkler?

Well this is one of those questions that depend entirely on your personal choices and wishes. There are some who prefer the above-trampoline-sprinkler and there are some who prefer the under-trampoline sprinkler. In fact, there are also people who prefer both of them!

So, keep in mind that both of them are really awesome it and it is really fun with both of them, but do not forget to do your research before you go ahead and decide to purchase one so that you can get the most out of your cool new sprinkler!