Spring Fertilization Schedule For Lawns

In the Spring, fertilizing the lawn is very important…but you should never feel like you need to go heavy on any single application nor for the entire season for that matter.

It’s called the Spring flush for a reason.

Most lawns will wake up naturally on their own and start growing vigorously well before summer without any inputs whatsoever however taking a semi-aggressive stance this time of year with your fertilization plan can really set your lawn up for a stronger year than most homeowners can hope for.

Before we get to the Spring Fertilizer chart though I should note that nearly everything outlined on this age pertains to all grass types with the exception of grasses that don’t require (or want) much inputs.

Fine Fescues, Centipedegrasses, and Buffalo grasses for instance probably should only get a fraction of th fertilization rates discussed on this page and only bio-stimulants in some cases.

On the flip side of the coin nutrient hogs like Bermudagrass can usually take a slightly higher dose of all of these nutrients so long as temperatures and moisture supports the growth.

For all grass types and all locations however the first fertilization application of the year is mainly all about feeding the soil life and supporting the rooting and nutrient uptake in the plants.

I have an entire article dedicated to the first feeding of your lawn in any given year and I’ve embedded a video I made on the topic below for simplicity. Please watch this or read the article before moving on lower on this page.

As I stated in the video no actual N-P-K actually was applied to the lawn. This is something I recommend for all grass types and all locations but after that initial app and after the lawn starts growing my personal Spring fertilization schedule is as follows.

Spring Fertilizer Chart Goes Here

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