My Lawn in 2020: My Change Log for the Entire Year in the Lawn

My Lawn 2020

This is my running log of everything I’ve done to my lawn in the 2020 growing season.

February 2020
In late February I started cleaning up the yard from winter debris like old leaves and pine needles. After raking it all up I then decided to try to thicken up some areas that didn’t grow vigorously last year. I took a thatch rake and raked out a lot of debris from the East facing side yard and then sprinkled the area heavy. A few days later I took a manual core aerating tool and punched about 1500 cores into the area and then mowed the whole area down to the lowest setting to break up a bit of the cores. I stopped short of fertilizing the area because the grass wasn’t really growing yet. I plan on throwing down my first fertilizer in that area in early April as our average soil temps are sill in the low 40s.

Brian Mounts

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