An Index of all Battery Powered Cordless Lawn Mowers

cordless mower index

This category of mower has expanded in popularity a ton over the last few years as battery technology has improved.

Below are many of the top brands and models available. I haven’t used all of these nor have a reviewed all of them so just consider this page a reference for further research.

The Brands that Make Cordless Mowers

EGO Power+
Yard Force
► Echo
► Toro
► Sun Joe
► DeWalt
► Ryobi

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GreenWorks Battery-Powered Mowers

GreenWorks currently makes and sells 40-Volt, 60-Volt, and 80-Volt lawn mowers in sizes ranging from 14-inches to 25-inches depending on the model.

In addition to voltage and deck sizes each mower can be purchased as a tool only or as package complete with different battery and charger configurations. Of course each battery and charger can be purchased separately too.

GreenWorks’ 80-Volt Battery Lawn Mowers

In their high-end line of 80V mowers you can only get a 21-inch cutting deck. Your only option to choose from other than battery configuration is whether or not you want a push mower or a self-propelled version. The self-propelled version adds roughly $50 extra to the product’s final price.

According to GreenWorks this mowers engine power is equivalent to a 160cc gas powered motor.

You can see pricing for these two mowers on Amazon through the following links:

►GreenWorks 80-V 21″ Self-Propelled Mower
►GreenWorks 80-V 21″ Push Mower

Green Works 60-Volt Battery Lawn Mowers

GreenWorks currently sells a few different types of 60-Volt mowers that are all somewhat similar. Deck size choices in the 60-Volt mowers are 21″ and 25″ and there are push and sel-propelled options too.

If you want a 25″ deck however you will have to get the self-propelled because they don’t offer a push mower with that deck size.

Within the 60-Volt category they have recently introduced a newer design called “HC Pro” and the mowers that are made with this design only come with 21″ cutting decks but in both self-propelled and push versions.

I like the HC Pro style mowers because they also come with a new Turbo button that can be used if you want to override the mowers Smart Cut option and use full power for an extended period of time.

You can see pricing for the 60-Volt GreenWorks mowers on Amazon through the following links:

► GreenWorks 25″ 60-Volt Self-Propelled 2-in-1 Mower
► GreenWorks 21″ 60-Volt HC Pro 3-in-1 Self-Propelled Mower (Also in Push Style)
► GreenWorks 21″ 60-Volt 3-in-1 Push Mower

Green Works 40-Volt Battery Powered Lawn Mowers

In the GreenWorks 40-Volt category they have on the entry-level side the single battery port G-Max push mowers which can be purchased in deck sizes of 14″, 16″, 17″, and 19″. Only the 19″ deck mower uses a steel deck, the smaller versions use plastic and none of them are available with a self-propelled option making them all very light weight.

There are also dual-port G-Max 40-volt mowers that can be purchased in 20″ and 21″ deck sizes. The batteries do not run together to increase power. They are used “one-after-the-other” to extend uninterrupted run time in the mower.

Then there are 40-Volt Dual-Port Brushless mowers available in 21″ steel deck sizes. This mower can be purchased as a push mower or a self-propelled mower.

You can see pricing for the GreenWorks 40-Volt mowers on Amazon the the following links:

► Greenworks 40-Volt G-Max single port push mowers – 14-inch – 16-inch – 17-inch – steel 19″ deck
► GreenWorks 40-Volt G-Max dual port push mowers with steel decks – 20-inch and 21-inch
► GreenWorks 40-Volt 21″ Brushless Self-Propelled Mower

Snapper Battery-Powered Mowers

Snapper makes a lot of different products for the yard and garden but they only make a small number of cordless electric lawn mowers which are easy to compare and understand.

Not only are they easy to understand but they are also very well made machines and quite strong for being battery powered.

Currently Snapper only makes two 48-Volt mowers, one is a push mower and the other is self-propelled.

They also make three 82-Volt mowers which I’ll go into to explain the differences below.

I own the 82V regular push mower and I love it. It’s very strong for a battery mower and it’s way more quiet than my old gas-powered Briggs & Stratton.

Snapper’s 82-Volt Max Lawn Mowers

Within the 82-Volt mowers Snapper makes two different styles: The “regular” push mowers and the “StepSense” mowers.

The StepSense mowers are only made in 21″ deck sizes and they offer a dual battery port for extended run time if you have two batteries.

These mowers also offer load-sensing technology which allows the machine to back off the power while it’s not needed and beef it up when the turf gets thick.

The StepSense is basically cruise control for your self-propelled system allowing you to cut at the speed you are comfortable with. If you want to walk faster or slower the mower will adjust without losing the self-propelled function.

The “regular” 82V mowers come in either 19″ or 21″ as a standard push mower and 21″ only for self-propelled and they only offer the single battery terminal. I own the 21″ push style mower and like it a lot.

I’ve even included it on my list of strongest battery powered lawn mowers.

To see pricing and specs for these mowers see the following links to the products on Amazon.

► Snapper’s 21″ 82-Volt StepSense Mower
► Snapper’s 21″ 82-Volt “Regular” Self-Propelled Mower
► Snapper’s 19″ 82-Volt Push Mower (Also available in 21″)

Snapper’s 48-Volt Battery Powered Cordless Lawn Mowers

If you like the Snapper brand but don’t want or need to pay for the extra power then the 48V machines are a great option. They are notably stronger than typical 40V options that are commonly made by other manufacturers and they are well made complete with steel decking.

The 48V mowers only come in 20″ deck widths but you can choose from a basic push style mower and a self-propelled version, both of which come with load sensing tech, brushless motors, and push button startup.

You can see pricing for these mowers on Amazon through the following links.

► Snapper’s 20-Inch 48-Volt Push Mower
► Snapper’s 20-Inch 48-Volt Self-Propelled Mower

Earthwise Battery-Powered Mowers from The American Lawn Mower Co.

Earthwise sells two main types of battery mowers. They sell Lithium-Ion battery mowers and Lead-Acid mowers that are a lot lower cost but less powerful.

Within their cordless lawn mowers they offer mowers in 18″, 20″, and 21″ and only their 18″ 24-Volt Lead-Acid mower is self-propelled.

If you are fine with a push mower and want Lithium-ion battery power like most people do then they also have a 58V 21″ mower for sale in addition to their lower priced 18-inch and 20-inch 40-volt models.

If you need extended run time then the 20-inch 40V unit offers dual battery docks so that you can one battery one-after-the-other without stopping.

Although most cordless lawn mowers use Li-ion batteries for better performance Earthwise’s Lead-Acid batteries offer a lower-priced entry point for cordless mowers that some people may prefer.

You can get an 18″ self-propelled version using a 24-volt lead-acid battery or a 20″ 24V battery powered push mower, both of which offer compelling price points if you don’t need the increased power of larger Li-ion batteries.

You can see pricing for these Earthwise mowers on Amazon through the following links.

► Earthwise 24V 18″ Self-Propelled Lead-Acid Mower (also available as a 20″ push mower)
► Earthwise 40-Volt Lithium Ion Mowers with 18-inch Deck
► Earthwise Dual 40-Volt Li-Ion 20″ Deck Push Mower
► Earthwise 21″ 58-Volt Li-Ion Push Mower

WORX Battery-Powered Mowers

WORX makes two different types of cordless mower.

Their 40-Volt mowers come in 14″, 17″, and 20″ sizes and they are all push mowers.

The 14″ and 17″ mowers use the Power Share 4.0 motor to run the blade where as the 20″ mower uses the newer Power Share 5.0 system however each mower runs on two 20-Volt batteries at the same time to combine for a full 40-Volts of power.

Their top-of-the-line mower is a 56-Volt 3-in-1 machine that uses Intellicut or load-sensing to deliver more power when you need it and less when you don’t so as to increase run time per charge.

You still can’t get a self-propelled version but at just under 60lbs this mower shouldn’t be hard to maneuver by hand.

I have not used this mower but it looks like a substantial improvement over their older model 40-Volt battery lawn mowers and I’d like to get my hands on it for a test run.

You can see pricing for the WORX mowers on Amazon through the following links.

► WORX 56-Volt 20″ Battery Powered Push Mower
► WORX 40-Volt 20″ Cordless Push Mower (also available in 17″ and 14″ deck sizes)

Ego Power+ Battery-Powered Mowers

EGO is a company that is only known for their battery powered lawn and garden tools. Within the lawn mower category of tools they are also known for their increased power over most of their competitors.

Right now EGO Power+ sells battery operated lawn mowers in 20 and 21 inch sizes in a few different configurations – I’ll call them trim packages for simplicity.

In the 20-inch deck size sub-category EGO mowers come with 56-Volt batteries. There are lower cost plastic decks, mid-range steel decks, and then costlier steel decks with self-propelled systems.

In the 21-inch deck size sub category EGO makes the LM2100, a base 56-volt model and the LM2100SP, the self-propelled base model.

For an upgrade you can trade up to the LM2130 or LM2130SP to get “Select Cut” in the push mower and self-propelled mower versions. Select Cut is basically a second blade that installs under your deck to improve mulching or bagging performance. It basically helps your grass clippings to be cut smaller and is a nice feature that is not commonly found in other brands.

For a different type of upgrade you could also opt for the LM2142SP. This is EGO’s 21-inch self-propelled mower that can dock two separate 56-volt batteries for increased run time, best used on larger properties.

Unfortunately this mower doesn’t come with a premium cutting blade option otherwise I would see it as a best in class product.

With all EGO mowers using 56V batteries I’ve included them on my strongest battery mower list as well and hope to be owning one of my own soon for head-to-head comparisons.

You can see product pricing for the EGO Power+ mowers on Amazon below:

► EGO Power+ LM2000 56-Volt Battery Push Mower (20″ Steel Deck Version or Plastic Deck Version)
► EGO Power+ LM2000SP 56-Volt Battery Self-Propelled Cordless Mower
► EGO Power+ LM2100 56V Battery Push Mower or LM2100SP, the Self-Propelled Version
► EGO Power+ LM2130 56V 21″ SP Lawn Mower with Improved Cut (Select Cut)
► EGO Power+ LM2142SP 56V 21″ Dual Battery Self-Propelled Mower

Yard Force Battery-Powered Mowers

Yard Force makes the strongest biggest battery cordless mower that I know of and I’ve featured it prominently on the top of my page dedicated to strong battery powered mowers.

For the time being Yard Force only makes one battery powered lawn mower and it’s one of the biggest on the market too.

The YF120vRX has a 22-inch cutting deck and it’s battery is a massive 120-volts. With two batteries installed into the machine the mower can go for roughly two hours straight, longer than any other out there that I know of.

Like other high end mowers this unit will give you more power when it senses you need it and back off the power when it’s not needed – this is a feature that extends run time.

It is also self-propelled and the speed can be set at whatever you like up to a maximum of 2.5 mph.

I don’t own this unit yet but it’s very high on my wish list. Being one of the more expensive models on the market it’s definitely a luxury product that will only appeal to a select group of shoppers.

You can see pricing for this unit on Amazon here: The Yardforce YF120vRX 22″ 120-Volt Cordless Mower.