Impact Sprinkler VS Rotating (Rotor) Sprinkler: Which is Best?

By Brian Mounts | Jun 01, 2020
Impact Sprinkler VS Rotary Sprinkler

Whenever we mention the name “Impact Sprinkler”, the sounds that it makes comes to our mind. What is more is that the rotary sprinkler is another really common sight but what are the differences other than the sound?

On this page we’ll be bringing you the main points of difference that set these sprinkler types apart from each other.

We wish to help you find the best sprinklers available out in the market.

Before we dig into the meat of this post however I want to first point you to this impact sprinkler by Orbit. It’s extremely durable and doesn’t cost a lot. Most notably is the reviews – they are super high.

In comparison this high end hose attached rotary sprinkler by Rain Bird costs a little less but it’s reviews are not quite as good. In my opinion this is a trend in these product types. Basic impact sprinklers are built to last and they work great. You pay for that quality though.

Rotor sprinklers (or any gear driven sprinkler) are made well but they just don’t have the same longevity and build quality. Last year alone I had to replace four of my geared rotating sprinkler heads because the were simply getting old.

So, in this specific article or post, we are going to look at two main things. We are going to closely look at the main differences that set the Impact Sprinkler and Rotating Sprinkler apart and figure out which one’s are best under different circumstances.

Why is this Differentiation Important?

The first thing that you might ask upon facing an article like this is the validity of the article. This would mean asking the question as to why you might want to look at the differences.

Well, here at Turf Mechanics we attempt to help you know more and more about these things. This would mean that if you ever have to buy one, you’d be aware about the details concerning it. That would help you choose the right model that would be best for yourself.

In order words, we help you develop the right knowledge. With the help of this, you can get the most out of your investment, and that is why looking at any differentiation is important, to know the fundamental differences between two or more models.

Here on Turf Mechanic, we bring to you all sorts of comparisons, ranging from differences between model and model (click here for one of them) and  between basic and improved versions of the same thing (click here for an example).

The Main Features of the Impact Sprinkler

The Impact Sprinkler is one of the bestselling sprinklers in the industry. Almost everyone must have come across them at least a few times in their lifetime. Funny thing about them is that the main reason people use them is not convention but a reason quite similar.

These sprinklers are not too expensive and have an infinite durability if only proper care is taken. That makes these a great choice for almost everyone. That is why the impact sprinkler is preferred over almost all others.

You must already be aware that the impact sprinkler works based on the force generated by the impact of water from one of its arms. This impact rotates the sprinkler and helps it move on to the next part of watering.

The main features of the Impact sprinkler might be summed up in the following words:

  • The Impact Sprinkler works based on an ‘impact’ principle as its name suggests. The force it receives from the impact of water coming out of one of it’s arms makes it rotate and continue watering.
  • The Impact Sprinkler is a really noisy sprinkler. It makes a lot of noise that is disturbing.
  • The Impact Sprinkler is also known because of its durability, it lasts for long periods.
  • Impact Sprinklers are also pretty inexpensive, making it a great choice for economic people.
  • The Impact Sprinkler is one of the bestselling ones in the market.

What are the main features of the Rotating Sprinkler?

The Rotating sprinkler is also a very simple sprinkler. These are the ones that just rotate to provide water in every direction from a fixed place. The rotation also gives it some force to let it cover a measured distance.

At the end, however, it works on a very simple mechanism, it’s just like an electric fan. This sprinkler is pretty inexpensive and also common, although it is not good for a bigger range.

The main features of the Rotating Sprinklers can be summed up in the following words:

  • The Rotating sprinklers work based on a very simple fundamental, just the same that of electric fans. These make these have a really simple mechanism.
  • This simple mechanism also ensures less maintenance as well as comparatively lower cost levels.
  • These sprinklers are widely used and are really good for conservative budgets.
  • Frankly, these also successfully give your garden or lawn the perfect aesthetic looks.
  • Finally, these are really durable if kept properly as well, making them great investment choices.

What are the differences between Impact and Rotating Sprinklers?

These two models are based on different fundamentals but are sort of alike. These two both have at least a fixed place that rotates, giving these two reasons to be used for a similar condition. That makes a comparison between these two all the more important.

The main differences between the Impact and Rotating Sprinklers are as follows:

  • The Rotating Sprinklers are much less noisy than the Impact Sprinklers.
  • While both of them are based on simple designs, the design of the Rotating sprinklers is more stable.
  • The Impact Sprinklers are much more durable than the Rotating Sprinklers.
  • Depending on the specific company and all, any of them might have the price advantage.
  • These two work on a fundamentally different basis, as discussed earlier.
  • The Impact Sprinkler covers a greater area in comparison to the Rotating Sprinkler, although both of them make for great sprinklers.

The Question of Choice

So, you might wonder at this point which one would be better for you. Frankly speaking, it depends on your perspective in this case.

If you want aesthetic pleasure, the Rotating Sprinkler looks better than the Impact Sprinkler. However, if you are looking for a lasting product, the Impact Sprinkler might last all lifetime if properly taken care of.

So, the specific product that is best for you depends on your perspective in this case. Except that, both of them are really great products and both are worth trying out.