My Guide to Lawn & Garden Maintenance in the Fall (Autumn)

The fall is the perfect time to do lots of tasks that we are tempted to do in the Spring and Summer.

Of course there are obvious tasks that occur in the Fall too and I have a lot of published articles covering different tasks that should be done after summer comes to an end.

Lawn Care in the Fall

The fall can be one of the busiest times of the year for lawn care if you want to prepare for the next growing season. Not only do cool season grass varieties go through another surge in top growth during the fall their root systems must also prepare for the dormancy state they are about to enter in the winter.

With fertilization, over-seeding, and watering schedules, and the cleanup of leaves and pine needles all wrapped around your regular chores of mowing and trimming it can be hard to stay on top of it all.

Below is a list of articles on this site each dedicated to many different Fall lawn care topics. Each should help you better understand what you need to be doing in the fall and how to get it done right.

When to Stop Watering the Lawn in the Fall
Leaf Litter Isn’t All Bad

Autumn Yard Cleanup

One of the main chores that comes with autumn is cleaning up all the debris that your nearby trees shed. For the most part this consists of leaves, pine needles, and bark.

The Best Rated Rakes for Pine Needles
The Top Yard Vacuums for Pine Needles
The Best Ways to Pick Up Pine Needles

Leaf Blower FAQs

Leaf Blower CFM vs MPH

More to follow.