Will a Soaker Hose Work With a Rain Barrel

By Brian Mounts | May 26, 2021
will a soaker hose work with a rain barrel

Ever find yourself asking, “will a soaker hose work with a rain barrel?” Have a rain barrel that’s filled and you don’t know how to utilize the water in the most efficient way with the least amount of effort? Well, it just so turns out that a soaker hose can easily be used with a rain barrel!

Now, aren’t you surprised? Even we were, when we came to know about it. So, our researchers here at Turf Mechanic got to work and we found out more for you! In today’s article here at Turf Mechanic, we’re going to take a look at these points. So, we hope that the article will be really informative, and it is really recommended that you take your time to read it till the very end!

What is a Soaker Hose?

A Soaker hose is not your regular hose- it’s a special type of hose that absorbs the water. The water comes out through the innumerable tiny pores on the body of the hose. Thus, the water drips really slowly, and the water is supplied directly to the root with almost zero pressure.

And because there is no excess water that is supplied, there is no runoff. Also, there is almost no loss because of evaporation. All of these things together make the Soaker hose one of the most efficient methods of watering your lawn. When you do so, you are both watering your plants in a healthy way, and conserving water- that’s the sign of a smart lawn-owner!

Points you might want to keep in mind when using Soaker Hoses

  • Location: You need to know that soaker hoses deliver water along the entire length, so you need to know where to put them. Ideally, plant-beds are the places where you might put one of these.
  • The Faucet:  A back-flow preventer is absolutely indispensable. You need to get one if you don’t have one built in for you already.
  • Don’t forget to set the timer: You need to give the plants the right amount of water. You might let the water run for too long and overwater the plants otherwise (click here to read our article about if you can overwater seeds as well). So, you need to diligently set the timer so that the plants get adequate water- at the right time.
  • Don’t use hoses that are too long: Long hoses aren’t necessarily better, and so you don’t really need to get one that’s too long. Instead, it is recommended that you get one within 100 feet in terms of length. Quoting PlantCareToday:

For soaker hoses to perform optimally they should have a maximum length of 100 feet. Make sure to purchase the length that fits your garden. Use a garden hose to connect the soaker hose to the faucet.

  • Don’t let the water run too fast: You need to keep in mind that you want the water to drip and not spray. So, you don’t really need to make the water run too fast. So, just open the faucet as much as needed to just let some water be present in the soaker hose, don’t put water inside with too much force or it will end up spraying it.
  • Keep an Eye out on the Pressure: Keeping an eye out on the pressure inside the soaker is really important. A really high pressure would make the water come out as jets, while a really low pressure might make it come out too slowly. It’s important to keep in mind how much water you want to come out of it and adjusting the pressure accordingly.

In ordinary circumstances, will a soaker hose work with a rain barrel?

We just took a look at the main features of a Soaker Hose. As such, it is pretty clear that the soaker hose needs a specific amount of pressure to work properly. However, the rain barrel isn’t really capable of applying that much of pressure, which would make the water dripping out of the soaker hose pretty much negligible.

So, under ordinary circumstances, a regular soaker hose is not able to work properly with a rain barrel. Even if it does work, it works really slowly and the amount of water is uncertain and the process is overwhelmingly tedious, and that’s the last thing you’d want to go with.

Now, you might ask me why I said at the beginning of the article that it actually works! Well, I admit that I do owe a clarification to you on that one! So, let’s take a look at that!

Why did I say yes to “will a soaker hose work with a rain barrel?”

I admit that I said yes to it, and I’m going to give you the reason behind that. As I just remarked, a regular soaker hose cannot really work properly with a Rain Barrel. However, a rain barrel is treated as a really great way of using rain water and thus conserving water in the long run.

Also, soaker hoses are treated as a really efficient method for watering your plants, owing to the fact that the water wastage is minimal. So, there had to be a way to make these two come together- and a new product is out that provides you with this feature!

Thus, a no-pressure soaker hose was finally come up with- a hybrid of these two things, that provides you with the positive points of both of them! This has become a sensational product among lawn-owners because of it’s innovative character! So, if you’re one who’s looking forward to make a smart investment for your lawn, this could just be the right choice for you! Quoting BlueBarrelSystems:

Like drip irrigation lines, most soaker hoses are designed to work optimally with certain amounts of pressure. But as rainwater harvesting grows in popularity, the industry has caught up and now there are special soaker hoses designed to work with no pressure…

…Rain barrel soaker hoses have a more porous wall, so that non-pressurized water can easily seep into your garden. The rain barrel soaker hose offers much greater distribution than a drip line. Each hose is 50 feet long and according to the manufacturer specs, two hoses can be linked together for up to 100 linear feet of distribution by gravity feed.

So, will a soaker hose work with a rain barrel?

To sum it all up, we can safely say that while regular soaker hoses might pose a little problem, you’re perfectly safe with the no-pressure hoses! These hoses will work with a rain barrel and give you the combined efficiency of both the products!

However, it must be kept in mind that you would actually have to purchase this new product in order to get the advantages, and it isn’t the cheapest soaker hose available out there. Naturally, it costs a bit, but at the end of the day, it’s pretty safe to say that the investment is worth it. After all, that’s the reason why all the lawn-owners are actually going for it!


So, in today’s article, we took a look at the frequently asked question: will a soaker hose work with a rain barrel?

We began by taking a look at what a soaker hose is, how it actually works, and what are the main things that must be kept in mind. Then, we took a look at the main reasons why it might not ordinarily work with a rain barrel. However, we also took a look at the new soaker hoses that actually have been designed keeping this specific purpose in mind, and actually work wonderfully with rain barrels!

So, at the end of the day, once again, we can see that the soaker hose does work with a rain barrel, if you go with the model that’s designed to do the same!

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