The Best Weed Preventers For Lawns: Pre-Emergents Compared

By Brian Mounts | Mar 03, 2021

In the US there are a number of different products designed for residential home-owners to prevent weeds from sprouting in the Spring and taking over your yard in the summer. The most common types of products that prevent weeds from germinating are collectively called weed pre-emergents and the best pre-emergents for lawns tend to be the cheapest ones. The trick however is getting them applied to your lawn at the right time of year.

Before I cover the best options available to homeowners let’s first list all of the options and then narrow it down a bit.

To stop most grassy weeds from overwhelming your grass you should apply one of the following active ingredients which are used in various brands of pre-emergent weed preventers.

  • Prodiamine
  • Pendamethalin
  • Dithiopyr
  • DCPA
  • Mesotrione
  • Corn Gluten Meal

Here’s a video where I present my typical weed prevention strategy. This will apply to most people living in most locations growing the most common grass types.

Now with that out of the way let’s start diving into the most common questions I get about weed pre-emergent products.

Which Pre-Emergent Will Prevent Weeds Best or Longest?

Generally speaking Prodiamine will prevent most residential weeds for a reasonable cost. It can easily be found in granular form which makes it easier for most people to apply it to a lawn space. It is very effective in both cold and warm season geographies and on commonly found cold and warm season grass types.