The Turf Mechanic Website & Youtube Channel Earn My Family A Full Time Income: Here’s How

This site earns money in a variety of ways including display ads, affiliate earnings, digital product sales, and Youtube ads.

All revenue combined, this site makes enough money to support a regular US based family (my family) all on it’s own and all techniques used on this site to make that income was taught to me by Jim & Ricky in their P24 course.

Basically, I paid for the P24 course to learn how to start a YouTube channel quickly and efficiently for the specific purpose of monetization and then the goal was to use that channel to get paid to advertise my own website and my own digital products sold therein.

Obviously, P24 pays me a commission for referrals I make to that course, and that’s really the only reason why I’m publishing this page in the first place – but I would still like to encourage others in the lawn/garden community on YouTube specifically who have been struggling to get paid for the work they’ve put in to their craft because I know that the readers of this page already have the skills necessary to make a full time living online as a creator.

Click here to learn more about the P24 course that I’ve been using since late March 2020 and at the 2:50 mark on the video the YouTube specific course is previewed. Check it out.

If however you just came here from YouTube on my channel somewhere and are curious how the Turf Mechanic YouTube channel is performing then go ahead and check out the video series I’ve posted below. It’s basically a series of videos where I’ve updated the progress of my channel over time including financial information and general thoughts on how the channel is doing.

Here is my first video update, it’s my 6-month channel update, filmed and posted not long after my channel was live for six months.

In the future I’ll be adding extra channel progress reports every month or three so check back again if you are curious or interested.