Lawnbright vs Sunday / Lawn Care Delivery Plans Compared

lawnbright vs sunday lawn care which is best

This page is still in editing…but I do think Lawnbright is going to be better for people that want to push slow and steady health in their lawns using more natural nutrient sources with a more diverse mixture of both macro nutrients and minor nutrients.

Lawnbright also provides ample humic acids, biostimulants, amino acids, and trace elements in their entire product line for the purpose of treating the entire lawn instead of just pushing fast leafy green growth with semi-synthetic fertilizers.

Of course Sunday lawn care isn’t at all bad; it’s just not as well rounded and natural…so as you’d expect their products are a little bit cheaper and they give you a more obvious quick result due to their products having higher levels of urea nitrogen per pouch on average.

Both companies offer custom delivery lawn care plans as well as a la carte products that can be purchased by anyone at any time.

Sunday sells a wider variety of products, some of which are from other companies like Greenworks, Chapin, Gilmour, and more, however Lawnbright only sells their own products, and they even include unique offerings like liquid corn gluten meal which can be used for mild weed suppression during fertilization treatments and a liquid lime product that can help raise pH n acidic soils.

I usually recommend lawn owners to go for Lawnbright products if they can afford it as I think the slow and steady route of pushing plant and soil health is best in the long run.

Take a look at my favorite pack right now right here, or price out a custom lawn plan right here.

For Sunday, I have a full review already published on this website that you should have a look at before buying their stuff. Again, it’s not a bad program, it just doesn’t jive with my desire to use natural products in my lawn applications.

See my Sunday review here or give a look at my favorite Sunday product right here to give your lawn a taste of what’s in their pouches.

Here’s my review of why I think Sunday doesn’t have a good starter fertilizer and Lawnbright does: