The Lawnbox Deal For Turf Mechanic’s Audience

LawnBox has offered readers of Turf Mechanic and viewers of the Turf Mechanic YouTube channel and opportunity to buy any of their products for 15% off or to subscribe to their annual plan for 15% off by using the code “turfmechanic” at checkout.

Lawn Box Commercial Spreader 3

For annual plans the discount is on top of the already discounted annual plan but it is only applied if you choose to pay in one lump sum.

For subscriptions, southern lawns should expect five shipments per season while northern lawns should only expect four shipments.

Each subscription includes two Grass Genies, one Lawn Luxe, and one Fall Fix. Southern lawns would receive an extra shipment of Lawn Luxe.

Lawn Box Commercial Spreader 1

Lawn Box Commercial Spreader 2

LawnBox also offers granular spreaders in their line, one of which I own as well as a BT Grub Control product which doesn’t ship with their subscription services.

I use their grub control product Grub Out in my lawn so that I don’t have to apply chemicals to the lawn in late Spring. It works great for me and it doesn’t affect the beneficial insects that we want in the property and our garden.

To try out lawn box products see their product page here or their subscription page here and make sure to use code “turfmechanic” to get your discount on singular products or on their annual subscription plan.

If this deal changes in the future I’ll make sure to update this page right away.