How Much Irrigreen Actually Cost’s To Buy And Install In Your Yard

irrigreen cost

Ever wonder how much Irrigreen costs to install?

No matter what system you need to install you have to buy a sprinkler controller which is either $1,570 or $2,610 for those of you that have a gigantic yard that requires more than 12 zones, and a $55 controller cable to link the controller to the sprinkler cables.

Cost Of Irrigreen Sprinkler Heads & Cables

For the sprinkler heads, each head costs $278 for the normal heads or $368 for the XP heads, depending on how accurate you want configuration and programming to be, but those amounts only apply to the heads purchased, you’ll also need at least one cable per head, and they come in 50-foot and 150-foot lengths.

The 50-foot cable costs $50 and the 150-foot cable costs $89…and if you need a cable tee then that is another $65.

If you are a comparison shopper then you should note that the sprinkler heads with cables are nearly the same price as OtO lawn sprinkler. The tech is similar, and I consider them to be perfect alternatives to each other in many lawns.

This season (2024) Irrigreen is offering a free sprinkler head to anyone in the Turf Mechanic audience who orders a new system. You can look more into that deal through this link:

How Much You’ll Pay With The Required Irrigreen Controller

For the simplest and cheapest possible Irrigreen setup, you would buy the Irrigreen IG2 Basic Controller for $1,570 plus a $50 cable, and at least one $278 Irrigreen 2.0 sprinkler head which gives you programming precision down to 12-inches totaling $1,898.

Each Additional Zones Costs Way Less Than The First Zone

For each additional zone you wanted to add onto the system you would add another sprinkler and cable for $328 dollar increments.

1-zone system | $1,898
2-zone system | $2,226
3-zone system | $2,554
4-zone system | $2,882
5-zone system | $3,210
6-zone system | $3,538
7-zone system | $3,866
and so on

Now, I use Irrigreen in my own yard and feature it on my YouTube channel a lot, so Irrigreen has offered my audience a free head with the purchase of any system with the use of the TURFMECH coupon code. edit: until March 22, the free head is not included but $500 off is. Even better!

Instead of typing in a promo code however you can just price your system out using this link and any order you might put in will give you a free sprinkler head.

Design Your System Here & Get One Head Free

But with all that said there’s more to consider in pricing out your system. You probably should make a concious effort to choose either the standard Irrigreen 2.0 sprinkler heads or their upgraded XP sprinkler heads which cost a bit more, $90 more per head to be exact.

But What’s The Difference Between 2.0 Sprinklers And Irrigreen XP Sprinkler Heads?

The XP sprinklers are just like the normal heads but they can auto-adjust to changing water pressure and as such they are the better choice for well water sources that frequently have changing water pressure.

The XP sprinklers are also better able to deal with the minerals that are found in many well systems, but for the average yard with stable pressure and city water the main benefit of these fancy heads are their programmability. You can dial in an exact throw pattern to 6-inch precision which can be the difference in covering an entire lawn space without overspraying or getting better lines around a curved boundary.

In my opinion if you are going to spend a few thousand dollars on an Irrigreen system you might as well spend a few hundred dollars more to get the most accurate heads possible for perfect adjustment and programming.

Don’t forget the cost of the Irrigreen cords.

Assuming you have good water pressure and can reliably program a 30-foot radius on each of your sprinkler zones then that means two zones side-by side would be around 60-feet apart, so the standard 50-foot cable won’t be long enough.

Also, if you need to run the cable from one zone in the front to another zone in the back then you may easily get up to 150-feet between zones so you should measure out your layout prior to making a purchase. The longer cables cost an extra $39 each and if you need to tee off to two different zones you’ll need a T-cable for an additional $65.

Assuming you were going to setup a 5-zone system using the premium XP sprinkler heads and needed an extra-long cable to get to the back yard from the front then the cost would be the following:

$1,570 – 1 Basic Controller Box
$55 – 1 Controller Cable
$1,840 – 5 XP Sprinkler Heads
$200 – 4 50 ft Sprinkler Cables
$89 – 1 150 ft Sprinkler Cable

…for a grand total of $3,754 plus any applicable taxes.

If you were to use this link to make the purchase, then you’d get one of the sprinkler heads for free.

Is The Price For Irrigreen Worth it?

Obviously Irrigreen equipment is expensive but you are basically buying little waterproof computers that sit underground and connect to your home Wifi so it makes sense. Plus each time you run these things you will be saving money over the cost of running traditional watering equipment that wastes a lot.

I also believe that the installation of an Irrigreen system will add a small bit of value to your home much like the ownership of solar panels or air conditioning does…but that of course is just my opinion.

If you are looking for something just as fancy but less expensive then Oto may be a better option for you. Problem is though that OtO is an above ground solution that runs off a garden hose so you will always have clutter on and around your lawn. The price drops notably because you don’t need the controller in the garage, so is it worth it? It’s up to you, the ultimate buyer.

For most people the “worth it” calculation is going to be very personal. For me it’s worth it because I care about using water efficiently and I actually need to due to local watering restrictions…but if I had a tiny yard in an area that got regular rainfall throughout the year then the investment may not make nearly as much sense.

Irrigreen Installation Costs Can Be Very Low If You Do It Yourself

You have to consider the installation costs too to fully appreciate the cost of installing Irrigreen in your lawn. You may need to hire a plumber to add a waterline coming off your water main or to install a backflow preventer. This could easily cost $1000 dollars or more.

If you choose to hire a landscaper to do all the trenching and piping and repair of the lawn after installation then the cost of the installation could easily increase by another $2,000 to $3,000 bucks.

For me I paid a plumber to tap my waterlines and ensure my water source was setup professionally, then I did all the manual labor myself to trench and install the sprinkler heads. That saved me a good deal of money but it also occipied almost two full weekends of time that I spent on my hands and knees trenching and cutting PVC.

This season (2024) Irrigreen is offering a free sprinkler head to anyone in the Turf Mechanic audience who orders a new system. You can look more into that deal through this link:

Over on my main Irrigreen Installation and Review page I show my entire installation process start to finish in embedded videos. Check that out for a real-world perspective on how a regular guy can do this himself.

If you are up for the purchase now though you can start the buying process right here on Irrigreen’s main sales page…and yes, that’s an affiliate link. Tell them I didn’t scare you off while you spend your thousands. 🙂