Came From Instagram, Huh? Welcome!

Literally the only reason you are on this page is because you clicked the link on my Instagram profile. For that I have to say thanks but I also need to introduce myself, my channel, and set your expectations for the content I produce.

As you can see I’m more interested in educating my audience than anything else. I write long-form comprehensive lawn care information on this website, produce longer-formed mixed-media pieces over on Turf Mechanic Premium, and my YouTube videos delve into the minute details on all things in the lawn.

Here is a hand-curated list of videos that I recommend you all consider watching first:

► Fix Your Lawn With Only A Lawn Mower

► The SIMPLEST Way To Have A Green Lawn

► Why Your Lawn Is So Important

You can see the entire playlist of videos here.

About My Typical Audience

My typical viewer (and reader) is 30-60 years of age and ~90% of them are male – everything I produce (for the most part) is slanted toward this demographic and frequently towards the parental side of this demographic as men with lawn care ambitions tend to be family guys with spousal support and kids that relay on them…just like me.

On my YouTube channel I have around 500 videos published but I’ve only embedded a few of my most important videos below. Give any of them a watch and if you like what you see consider subscribing to the channel.

You can also see my most recent posts on the Turf Mechanic YouTube channel right here.