How To Prepare Soil For Grass Seed

Preparing a seedbed for grass seed can be as simple as you want but the more effort you put into the process will give you better results during germination and a better stand of turf for years to come.

In my recent lawn space renovation I excavated a full 15-inches of material out of the seed bed and sifted all the soil to remove rocks and debris before returning the finely textured soil to the bed for leveling.

Removing the rocks and loosening the soil that deep will allow for very substantial root development well below the level of most lawns giving the grass there a better chance at surviving all forms of stress for years to come.

In addition to the excavation and leveling of the seed bed I also amend the soil heavily with products that promote long term grass health, moisture retention, and root development. You can see the list of products I used below followed by a few extra products that won’t be applied until after the grass seed has germinated and grown for 10-14 days.

At the bottom of this post is an embedded video of my experience preparing my new lawn space for grass seed using these techniques.

Products I Used

1. Shovel(s)

2. DIY Soil Sifter

3. Tarp

4. Wheelbarrow

5. Azomite – Down To Earth Granular
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6. Wakefield Biochar
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7. Alfalfa Meal – Down To Earth
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8. Grass Seed (Mix of Buffalograss, Kentucky Bluegrass, & Perennial Rye)
– Everwilde Farms Buffalograss Seed:
– Kentucky Bluegrass Mixture (local)
– Pleasant Hill Perennial Rye Seed: (unavailable)

9. Fox Farm Happy Frog Garden/Potting Soil
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10. Peat Moss

Next Step Products:

These are the products that I will spray onto the new lawn space after new grass has grown for 10-14 days. These will promote resiliency in the grass and root development while the Mesotrione will limit weed infestation while the grass matures.

1. Cytokinins via CytoGro
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2. Silica via StrongOrr
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3. Mesotrione via Tenacity
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My Experience Preparing The Ultimate Grass Seed Bed

Video will be embedded here soon.