How Do Lawn Sprinkler Valves Work?

By Brian Mounts | Feb 08, 2020
How Do Lawn Sprinkler Valves Work?

Hello and welcome back to Turf Mechanic. Funnily enough, a lot of lawn-owners actually spend their entire lives without knowing how it all works! Although that sounds great, you could stand to be a lot more efficient with a little more knowledge! So, have you ever asked yourself, “How Do Lawn Sprinkler Valves Work?” If yes, have you found an answer? If you haven’t, today’s your lucky day- Turf Mechanic is going to help you out on this one!

In today’s article, we are going to be looking at the basic working mechanism for the Lawn Sprinkler Valves. These are also known as Irrigation Valves, so, if you’ve been wondering about them, this is the solution for you as well! We are also going to take a look at the main points you might want to keep in mind while dealing with any of the technical parts. So, are you ready to get started?

How Do Lawn Sprinkler Valves Work?

At this point, a lot of you might be thinking that the whole process is a complex one. You might be convinced that an article exists about it out there only because it is too complex to understand otherwise- but you’re not right on that one!

Honestly, the principal mechanism based on which it works is really simple! Quoting HunterIndustries:

Water enters the valve from the system main line and exerts a force against the center of the valve’s diaphragm. A small orifice in the diaphragm allows the water to flow through to the upper chamber between the diaphragm and the bonnet. The water continues to travel on through a port in the bonnet to the solenoid area. The solenoid has a light spring loaded metal piston that, when the valve is closed, covers the inlet port hole. The surface area that the water comes in contact with on top of the diaphragm is greater than the surface area on the bottom of the diaphragm, so the valve stays closed until the water in the upper chamber is released.

Summing it all up in a few points a little simpler, we can say…

To put it in terms that are a little simpler, so that people who are a little less aware about the technical details can grasp it:

  • The Water originally is supplied from the main water supply system. This water, after a certain point, exerts pressure against the mid-point of the diaphragm of the valve.
  • Now, this Diaphragm is equipped with a small orifice/hole, which allows the water to actually flow to the upper chamber. This upper chamber is located between the Diaphragm and the Bonnet.
  • The water then flows into the bonnet from the upper chamber, and finally flows into the solenoid area through it.
  • This Solenoid area is equipped with a light loaded metal piston. The purpose of this piston is to cover the inlet port hole once the valve is closed.
  • And, the overall structure is designed in such a way, that the surface area that the water comes in contact with on top of the diaphragm (when the water has already flown into it), is more than the surface area on the bottom of the diaphragm. This ensures that the valve does not open until the water in the upper chamber is released.

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Once your lawn is ready, you still might want to keep this in mind!

We all dream of having an ideal, lush green lawn. We here at Turf Mechanic understand your dream and appreciate your efforts towards it. If all goes well, you might actually achieve it pretty soon- you can’t wait to spend times with your family in it, can you? Trust me, we all want to do that with our loved ones.

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