Greenworks 80-Volt Battery Mower vs EGO Power+ 56 Volt with Select Cut

ego 56v select cut vs greenworks 80 volt mower

I bought both the EGO Select Cut 56-volt battery mower and the Greenworks Pro 80-volt cordless mower and used them both for a month in my lawn. I bought both units complete with self-propulsion and their larger Ah batteries and ended up paying $638 for the Greenworks mower and $649 for the EGO.

Since I bought these mowers I’ve learned a few things about them and how they are different. I published my early thoughts on these two mowers on YouTube in June of 2020. You can see that video below. Lower in this post I’ll get to the full comparison complete with actual usage information that you just can’t glean from the box or a product manual.

My Side-By-Side Comparison of The Greenworks 80V Mower and Ego’s 56V Select Cut Mower

The Differences in Their Batteries

I bought the 7.5 Ah battery for the EGO and the 4 Ah battery for the Greenworks Pro. Basically the Greenworks battery is stronger at 80-volts but doesn’t last quite as long at only 4 Ah.

The EGO lasts for a really long time but in the thickest of tall weeds and grass it may stall if you don’t go slow enough or cut high enough. I know because I’ve stalled the EGO in thick weedy grass a couple of times but I haven’t done so with the Greenworks.

If you take a look at the EGO website you’ll see that they have a few different batteries to choose from:

  • Power+ 7.5 Ah
  • Power+ 5.0 Ah
  • Power+ 4 Ah
  • and Power+ 7.5 & 5.0 batteries With Fuel Guages

These batteries even have two different chargers, the regular charger and the Power+ Rapid Charger which can charge charge each battery in half the time.