EGO 56-Volt Select Cut vs Toro 60-Volt Recycler: Battery Mowers Compared

EGO Select Cut vs Toro 60V Recycler

I personally purchased the EGO Select cut 56-Volt mower in April of 2020 and then I bought the Toro 60-Volt Recycler cordless mower in June of 2020. Over the course of the 2020 mowing season I used both lawnmowers a bunch of times and I came to some good conclusions as to which battery lawn mower I liked the best and which mower I thought would be the better choice for the average homeowner.

Both the EGO Select Cut and Toro Recycler have adequate power to cut most lawns quickly and efficiently. They both use large batteries that can cut for a long enough time to get through the average sized yard on one charge and they are both priced similarly. These two mowers mostly differ in features like wheel adjustment and speed control as well as cut quality and blade width.

Let’s go a bit deeper into the comparison of these and other factors that will play into your decision to buy one mower over the other.

Let’s Start By Comparing Blade Width & Deck Size

EGO’s 2020 lineup of battery mowers all have 21-inch decks however when you take a tape measure to the blades you’ll find them to be 20-1/8″ in width.

The 60-Volt Toro advertises it’s mowers as having a 22″ deck and when you flip the mower over and measure it’s blade width it measures at roughly 21-5/8″.

Basically the Toro mower will cover a full inch and a half more per pass than the EGO Select Cut, a full 7.4% more lawn space which can decrease the time it takes you to mow a lawn by 2 to 7 minutes depending on the size of your lawn.

Additionally because both machines are self-propelled so the speed they travel will obviously affect mowing time so let’s look at that next.

Which Mower Will Cut The Grass Faster?

EGO advertises their mower will go roughly 3.3 mph at top speed but when cutting the grass it’s hard to measure in speeds like that and they don’t translate well to actual usage in the yard.

For me I took both the Toro and the Ego out into the yard and measured a long stretch of grass. I then set the Ego speed control to it’s fastest setting and pulled out my phone’s stop watch and measured the time to get to the end of the row. It measured 12.87 seconds.

I then took the Toro and ran the same row with the mower at full speed and it only took 11.77 seconds to get there. Basically the Toro at full speed was 8.5% faster than the EGO.

Generally speaking, the Toro will travel 100 feet faster than the EGO select cut will so when you add the efficiencies of the wider cutting path (discussed above) to the faster maximum pace of then will no doubt finish your mowing job noticeably faster every time when you mow with the 60v Toro Recycler over the EGO 21″ Select Cut mower.

Of course speed isn’t always the best way to compare mowers, cut quality, battery length, and the power to get through tall, thick, or even wet grass may be even more important.

Let’s look at battery length next.

Which Mower’s Battery Will Last The Longest?

The EGO Select Cut mower can handle a single 7.5 AH battery that can spin the cutting blade under a “no load” scenario for roughly 40 min. This is significantly more time than then Toro can do mostly because Toro’s Recycler mower can only take up to a 6 AH battery. Considering each pass of the Toro covers more ground the slightly shorter run time ends up in roughly the same amount of lawn space mowed per charge.

For lawns that are smaller than

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