The Best Hose Timers For Sale

best hose timers

Technically speaking, timers are like controllers for hoses. We just use the term controller with “Sprinkler” and the term timer with hoses. Except that, these two are essentially the same thing with more or less the same abilities.

Since hoses are of several types, the Hose Timers are also of several types. These Hose timers, while not really too different when it comes to the final results, are fairly different in both their structure as well as way of working.

So we also divide the timers into several types. Turf Mechanic brings to you the main details about each of these timer types.

The ABCs of timer functionality

The timers are made to serve several purposes at once. As stated earlier, they are exactly like the controllers for sprinklers. These timers have a clock system within them and that is how it lets the water out at your desired point of time.

It might appear here that it’s functionality ends here, but that is not always the case. There are quite a few more things that specific timers are able to do. These are equipped with special devices and even sensors in order to perform more actions than one might think of. Good timers are hugely versatile and are really a great investment for your garden in the long term.

With a proper hose and timer, and a proper sprinkling system, your garden might as well become able to take proper care of itself! The main features of the timers, however, are usually as follows:

  • The timer keeps a track of time in order to let out the water when you want.
  • Timer also have a rain sensor like the controller to not let the water out if it’s already raining outside.
  • The timer is also equipped with specific features to properly set the time when it has to let the water in.
  • Just like some special controllers, some special timers are also equipped with good electric circuits that let them decide the time of watering by themselves.

So, what are the kinds of timers?

Well, although there are a lot of kinds when it comes to hoses, not all of them need separate timers. In fact, with a few exceptions, almost all timers can be used with all hoses.

These timers, however are of several kinds as well depending on the way that they function. This is what sets one timer apart from others. So based on that, the timers are divided into the following types:

1. Conventional Timer:

The typical timer that you find is the conventional timer, it is a primitive mechanical system that works with gears and pins. However, there is one thing special about this timer. It still remains the most used despite so many technical advances. This makes you wonder what is so special about this timer.

The special thing about this timer is its very own primitive design that makes it super simple to use and really affordable while making it require the least amount of care and maintenance. If kept properly, this timer can outlive the owner.

As I just said, this timer is one of the most price friendly as well as simple timers. This timer is extremely easy to use and so anyone can use it.

2. Complex Mechanical Timer:

These are the timers where the mechanism is considerably complex. These require a bit of beforehand knowledge in order to properly operate. These timers are not really common but can be programmed to operate perfectly.

These might be working on primitive as well as modern mechanical systems. These timers are also pretty expensive but really functional if one can perfectly program them.

3. Digital Timer:

Now, in this era, you most certainly saw this coming. Obviously, digital timers are also there that work entirely on a basis of proper electrical circuitry. These are complicated on the inside while super simple to use on the outside.

These are so simple that even small kids can perfectly handle these but these do require some care and maintenance because of their electronic nature.

It must be kept in mind, however, that these timers are fairly expensive in comparison to the previous two because of the technological value. This is the ideal timer for you if you are looking for something you can use easily and don’t mind spending a few dollars extra for that.

4. Electro-mechanical Timer:

Now, just like the controllers once again, you have the electro-mechanical timers as well. These are the ones that have been made by striking the seemingly perfect harmony between convention and technology.

These timers provide you with the relative ease of use of the conventional timers with the huge amount of features that the digital timers offer you. However, internally, this is one of the most complicated kind of timers out there that must be handled really carefully.

However, if you are one of those who do not mind trying out something new and are willing to go ahead and spend a few extra bucks to take a breakthrough chance, this is the time one for you!

So… Which one is the best?

At this point, this question might seem to rise in anyone’s mind. But the answer is simpler than you would believe. Frankly, all of them are really great options. In any specific case, any of them might be the best.

You must keep your exact needs in mind when you are to judge which product would be the right for you. The right product is not always judged by only its features. You need to match them to your needs as well. So, if you keep your specific needs clearly in mind, it would be simple for you to easily find the product that would be the best for you.