The Best Hose Reels For Sale

best hose reels

What are Hose Reels?

While you can keep your hose lying down as usual in a messy way, the Hose Reel allows you to perfectly coil up your hose so that you can properly store it.

The Hose Reel is dependent on the type of Hose. Thus, it is obvious that there are quite a few kinds of Hose Reels. However, since hose reels aren’t often the topic of discussion, not much is known about them. Here at Turf Mechanic we are going to discuss the kinds of Hose Reels available. We are also going to look at each of them and and briefly learn about their special features.

So, the main kinds of Hose Reels are as follows:

There are several Hose Reels available in the market. But all of them ar not exactly the same. Some of them have some specific merits and drawbacks of their own that set them apart from the rest. Based on these, we can divide the Hose Reels into a few types.

The main types of Hose Reels are as follows:

1. Conventional Hose Reel:

The first thing in this list is the conventional or the stationary hose reel. This hose reel is the one that you might have looked at earlier. This hose reel usually is mounted somewhere an is equipped with a crank that helps you coil the hose around it.

These are the longest lasting of the hose reels and require the least maintenance. While their cost might depend on the material that they are made of, they are one of the cheapest available Hose Reels.

2. Movable Hose Reel:

The second type in this list is the Movable or Portable Hose Reel. These are the ones that are equipped with wheels so that you can move them from one place to another. Instead of being mounted, these can be pushed around like a hand truck.

These usually have manual cranks as well but might have other systems depending on the specific model that you choose. However, these are also economically preferred because of their mid-range cost.

3. Cart Hose Reels:

This is basically your Hose Reel mounted on a cart. You can just push the cart around however you want. This is just a really portable kind of Hose Reel that is easy for you to move around as well as keep away.

Somehow, this is one of the lesser used models of the Hose Reels because of the fact that it does not give you much extra advantage over the Movable Hose Reel except the extra space. It is also comparatively more expensive than the regular Movable Hose Reel.

4. Decorative Hose Reels:

This is a division made based on functionality. These are usually for those light duty-hoses that people have to enhance the aesthetic pleasure that their garden offers rather than for actually using them on a steady basis.

These come in several models and offer extreme customization. Just like all fancy things, the cost depends on what exactly you are looking for making it hard to calculate its cost. However, it can be said that a custom one usually costs substantially more than the standardized models.

5. Spring-Powered Hose Reels:

The Spring-Powered Hose reels are the ones where the manual crank is mechanized. Here, quick retraction of the hose reel takes place based on a spring mechanism which makes the process all the more faster as well as less-exhausting.

This is one of those things that are ideal for those people who prefer mechanization over hard work. The mechanism is fairly simple and so it does not require too much maintenance either. This is thus one of the highest selling types of Hose Reels in the market.

6. Hideaway Hose Reels:

The Hideaway hose reels are generally freestanding, while they might also be wall mounted. These are the ones that can easily be taken off and kept away.

These are not exactly portable in the sense that it can not be put to work everywhere, but it is easily attachable and detachable. That makes this a great option for those who do not want to keep the place occupied all the time.

With the Hideaway Hose Reel you can just put it on the place for as long as you need it and then take it off and put it away in store for as long as you don’t want to use it again. While this might not seem like much, it is actually a pretty cool thing that you can use to make you garden seem more open.

7. Air Hose Reels:

Air hose reels are the hose reels that can also work with air in addition to water. These are often used in places where technical work is going on where air might also be needed at different steps.

This makes it a really great choice for places such as garages and workshops. However, they can also be a great addition to your personal workshops or even gardens if you would like to do minor stuff that require air. Since people in the US are starting to do several workshop jobs in their backyard, the Air Hose Reel is gaining popularity fast.

So… Which One Is the Best?

All of them are the best in a case-specific scenario. For example, if you are dealing with air, the Air Hose Reel is undoubtedly the best.

Thus, while there is no general best among them, the best one would depend on your specific needs. You must keep your priorities sorted and your needs in mind while you take the decision. And do not forget to research properly!

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