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Expect a series of emails to follow that will guide you along the process in the lawn. Remember, this series is designed for those of you who are fairly new to lawn care, want to improve your lawn yourself, but don’t really know where to start.

As such, the content in these emails will be slanted towards the beginner so as to not overwhelm.

As you get further along into all this then I’ll slowly start dovetailing into more advanced topics.

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Other Turf Mechanic News

In addition to the main Turf Mechanic YouTube channel, I also run Turf Mechanic Briefs and Turf Mechanic Vlogs. Both channels take a different twist on style.

The Turf Mechanic Briefs Channel
Briefs are just what they sound like short videos but they are landscape and tend to fall between 2 and four minutes in length.

My Briefs videos each focus on verry narrow subject topics and are mostly meant to provide value to searchers looking for very specific information quickly.

If you’d like to watch some of them, make sure to check out Turf Mechanic Briefs here.

The Turf Mechanic Vlogs Channel
My Vlogs channel contains mostly unedited videos mid-project so the content is more spontaneous and mor raw. Some people are always asking for updates to things and instead of cluttering the main channel with content like this I’m publishing them here.

Check out Turf Mechanic Vlogs here.

– Brian Mounts, Turf Mechanic