Deeper Grass Roots = Healthier Lawn


Deeper Grass Roots Healthier LawnPurchasing this product gives you full access to my web-course:

“Deeper Grass Roots = Healthier Lawn”

This course is a long-form web based document (similar to an ebook) but with embedded video unavailable to non-purchasers.

You will learn everything you could ever want to know about growing deep and substantial root systems in your lawn in this course.

It will save you the trouble of applying excessive amounts of chemicals and fungicides to the lawn year after year.

Make your purchase today; this product will never be discounted but I do plan on raising the price later in the season.

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A lawn that has grass roots that are deep and substantial will resist stressors like drought, heat, cold, traffic, and disease a lot better.

In this guide you will learn all the ninja tips (as well as the basics) to improving the root structure of your lawn so that lawn care is easier for you throughout the year and so that you don’t have to rely so heavily (or at all) on chemicals and fungicides.

Customers that purchase this premium guide get a lengthy web-based written guide supplemented by embedded video, downloadable audio, printable checklists, as well as a PDF version of all relevant material.

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