My Personal Recommendation: “Lawn Care Magic”

By Brian Mounts | Jun 05, 2020

I’ve got a lot of information on this website about lawn care, growing grass, and tending to a home’s landscape but it’s mostly fragmented information that addresses specific issues that arise in people’s yards.

Most people come to this site looking for the solution to or a tip for a very specific problem and although I’m happy to help these people out I currently do not have my own all-encompassing guide to lawn care.

Instead of reinventing the wheel I wanted to offer some of my readers (you) an option to learn how to do it all efficiently and affordably on your own.

I have learned a lot over the years through trial and error, YouTube videos, and books that I’ve purchased and there’s nothing wrong with that except that it take a lot of time to piece it all together so I’ve decided to recommend my readers to just buy Lawn Care Magic, a single resource that will package up all the information you need in one place to speed up your learning.

I have purchased Lawn Care Magic so I know it’s helpful and worth it – anything beats paying monthly fees to local lawn care companies to do what you can easily do yourself.

No worries if you want to slowly learn for free though; it’s how I did it!

If you want to speed up your learning though then try Lawn Care Magic here – last I checked the price was a little under $50 or so.