The Best Battery Blowers: Leaf Blowers Compared Head-To-Head

Best Battery Powered Leaf Blower

The best battery blowers on the market are all strong enough to to deal with most everything you could need them for. They all handle the leaves, fallen fruit, pine cones, needles, as well as dirt, debris, and grass clippings that needs to be cleaned off of driveways and sidewalks however some of them handle those jobs better than the others.

Although each unit can get the job done some are simply more comfortable to use. In my opinion a blower should not only be able to get the job done but it should also be easy and comfortable to use, quiet, powerful, and also have a delicate low setting for those jobs where raw strength is not wanted.

There are lots of different battery powered blowers on the market these days made by all the brands you’ve come to trust… and there are even more corded and gas powered units than I can even count but I am a huge proponent of using modern battery technology in the yard for it’s simplicity, cleanliness, lower volume levels, and for the environmental aspects of ditching gas.

Still though there are lots of lithium-ion battery units to choose from, which is why I buy the best models on the market and test them all side-by-side.

Here is a video of me reviewing five of the best battery powered leaf blowers available this year. I actually bought them all and used them side-by-side. Lower on this page I’ll get into some of the details behind these blowers and some alternatives before getting to direct head-to=head comparisons.

If you want to buy the best battery powered cordless blower then chances are I’ve already bought it, tried it, and demonstrated why it’s better than the rest.

If video isn’t for you then scroll down a bit. Below you’ll see a list of all the cordless blowers I own and have used in my own yard. On this page I’ve tried to compare them for you as well.

In most cases I would recommend any one of these to certain cohorts but on average most people should look to get the EGO 56V 650 CFM blower over all the others because it is strong enough, has the lowest quietest settings, is balanced well, includes a really useful speed lock, and offers you the ability to swap out the nozzle and install a shoulder strap.

It’s not the cheapest unit, it’s not the most expensive unit, it’s not the most powerful unit either… but it is my favorite.

I’ll stop short of hard selling it though because the others on this list are really amazing alternatives that will work better for other people with special circumstances or different requirements.

Here’s the list of blowers I’ve compared lower on this page. Scroll down a bit and you’ll see my reviews of each one complete with comparison photos, commentary, and video.

The Best Battery Leaf Blowers In Order of My Preference

► The EGO 56V 650CFM Battery Blower (Check Pricing)
► The Toro 60V 605 CFM (115 MPH) Blower (Check Pricing)
► The Snapper 82-Volt 700 CFM Blower (Check Pricing)
► The Greenworks Pro 80V Blower (Check Pricing)
► The SunJoe 100V Blower (Check Pricing)
► The DeWalt 60V Blower (Check Pricing)

And Now For The Head To Head Comparisons

Toro 60-Volt 605CFM Blower vs The EGO 56-Volt Blowers

EGO 650CFM Blower vs SunJoe 516 CFM 100-Volt Blower

EGO 650 CFM vs Greenworks Pro 580 CFM

DeWalt 60-Volt FlexVolt Leaf Blower vs EGO 650 CFM 56V Blower

As you can see I own these units and have used them extensively for a long time now. Since those videos were published I still go for my Toro 60V blower for it’s pure power the most frequently but I also pick up the Greenworks more often than I ever expected because it’s nozzle is so long.

For pure specs I’m in love with the Snapper 700 CFM blower but it’s so expensive most people are priced out and opt for the cheaper EGO and Toro units which make for a much better value.

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